Arcane- Something known or understood by very few.

In relation to D&D– A form of magic involving the direct manipulation of energy.

Foundry- An establishment for producing and creating castings from molten metal.

The Arcane Foundry- A mysterious place where things are created using the magic of an arcane nature.

In other words… A wizard making custom handmade products and accessories for Dungeons and Dragons and other TTRPGs, using technology, lasers, and good old fashion woodworking techniques.


In 2015 I started creating small handmade things as gifts for family and friends. In 2016 I opened a small Etsy shop selling a few little things I made.

Mid 2017 some friends and I played Dungeons and Dragons for the first time. After the first time playing, I was instantly hooked. I began spending all my free time doing anything I could related to D&D. I started making dice boxes for my friends and myself, and not too long after, I started selling them on my Etsy shop.

Almost a year later, I decided to “relaunch” my Etsy shop under The Arcane Foundry, and focus solely on making things related to the incredible world of Dungeons and Dragons.